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Personal Chef Thyme

HI - Welcome to my Website

Personal Chef - Concept

My personal chef concept is simple - I make delicious meals for you in your home. I perform menu planning, shopping, cooking, and the kitchen clean-up. I prepare a a five day or ten day menu of entrees and side dishes based upon your preferences and dietary needs and come to your home to fix the meals.

Becoming a client begins with a no-obligation client assessment. I will come to your home to interview you and see your kitchen. At that time we will discuss your culinary likes and dislikes, special nutritional or dietary needs, and other questions, concerns or goals you may have.

My goal is to ensure that the meals I prepare are the best you've ever tasted. I select the freshest, best quality ingredients possible. Meat, chicken and seafood are purchased fresh and each cut is selected for its tenderness. I cook in your home and bring all of the utensils and equipment needed to prepare your meals. I clean the kitchen after the meals are prepared.

After preparing your meals, I package them in disposable containers, label each with thawing and re-heating instructions and place them in the refrigator or freezer. All you need to do is select what you would like to eat and minutes later you are enjoying a delicious, nourishing, home-cooked meal!

When you are ready, we will work together to design your first menu and schedule your cook date.

For more information call me at (623) 979-5573.

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