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Duy's HomePage

I'm coming out with a rhythm
Telling you Viet Pride is one of a kind
We come from another side
Reprezenting da Vietnamese from the East Coast world wide,
Raise up the flag, it's our home
Bring out Viet Pride with this Poem,
I 'm only eighteen trying to make it in this world,
Raise up my head, 'cause I'm a Viet Guy,
I walk with a style
Speak with a style,
'Cause I'm proud of Viet Pride
Showing it with a smile,
I LOVE YOU is my only sight
I never go against my kind and fight
I know I'm not alone
Show your face and make Viet Pride known,
Even though I'm half Viet and Chinese
Don't mistake me
"Cause I got the knowledge and the key
To unlock Viet Pride
If you're down with my kind
Lift up your mind and
Make the Viet Pride Rise!

By --Blackmask--

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