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A Caring Hearts Project: Comforting Special Angels... Missouri

I crochet for special needs babies, along with a group of caring people; A Caring Hearts Project: Comforting Special Angels...Missouri Chapter.

I started crocheting baby hats many years ago, and donated them to my local, hometown hospital. They were just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. It was something that I could do to give back to my community, for the many things that I have been afforded in my life; such as good health, etc.. They were just the right size for premature babies. I have been making & sending them, for several years. I live many miles from there, now. From time to time, I try & send some preemie hats back to my hometown hospital out west.

Premature babies are born into this world, fighting to survive. Every breath is a struggle for them, as their organs aren't yet fully developed.

Would you consider making a Baby Blankie, Hat & Booties for these special needs babies? It would be so happily accepted, and used to warm a tiny premature baby here in Missouri, or in your own community.

You can use a pattern of your own choice, but; please make sure that you are using baby friendly colors, such as: white, soft white, baby pastels & baby ombre's. Links are offered below to free preemie patterns.

Donations of yarn, or completed preemie caps/blankies are always graciously accepted. When sending these completed items, please write "Preemie Caps/Blankies" on the outside label of the package, above your return address name. No time to crochet, but; you want to help out? Donate some yarn here, or to your local childrens hospital. Your loving gift will be appreciated more than you know.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Send Completed preemie caps and blankies to:

St. Johns Childrens Hospital
Attn: Auxillary Co-Ordinator
1235 E Cherokee St.
Springfield, Missouri 65804


Thanks so much for visiting A Caring Hearts Project: Comforting Special Angels...Missouri Chapter webpage. Together, we can and will make a difference; in the lives of many special needs babies, and their families. :-)


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