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Louise Charette, born Louise Gamey, was the second daughter born to Tom and Rolande Gamey in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on July 2, 1954.  She has two sisters, Sandra and Joan.  She was married and divorced.  She enjoys two children, Stephan and Jeanne.

Louise works as a Program Assistant for the ACT Program with St. Joseph Regional Mental Health Care, which is a community health program for those with severe and persistent mental illness.
She tutors children in reading privately and also through the Literacy Program through the Windsor Public Library.
Hobbies and Pass Times

Louise is an avid rollerblader and walker.  She enjoys gardening and cooking .  She loves to entertain friends in her home.  She is becoming a much better dancer through direction from Chris.  Louise enjoys music by Jimmy Buffet, Ray Charles, James Taylor and Diana Krohl, to name a few.
What's Happening

Louise is looking forward to a wonderful future with Chris.

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