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Jan 20, 2003  

"Hey Clif just visited your site.  I enjoyed the tunes.  Loved
the theory section.  Can't get much more straight ahead than that.  You sure
have found yet another way to make it easy, seems closer to what happens when you are really playing!"

- Jimmy Bruno,
 jazz guitarist, Concord Jazz recording artist                                 Jazz Guitar Masterclass CDR is Here!                                                                                                          


                                                                                                                            $29.95 S&H Included!

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Jazz Guitar Masterclass

                                                                                                     $29.95 S&H Inc!   

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    updated Jan 20, 2003

    tThe following albums and Custom Songbooks  are available in fingerstyle tab, standard notation, and midi on one CD.  These songs will open in either a Mac or PC web browser without your needing to be online. They open to a 'home page' that has links to a page for each song, where there are links to each feature. 

      Click Here     to view a sample score; Click Here to hear a midi of the same score (All The Things You Are)

    You get files for printing (Adobe .pdf  and .tif files) and files for reading on the computer (.gif files) and a midi recording of each song that will play on your computer's media player, or in any sequencer, many of which you can download online for free!  Each title also include midis and notation for an improvised chorus, and a 'minus one' recording!  No further purchase is necessary to run the songbook, but there are additional features available if you can run a .seq file.  (These additional features are regrettably available only to PC users and are described in the next paragraph.)

    ...With Power Trax

    Also enclosed is a .SEQ file, which will run on PC in POWER TRAX PRO AUDIO.  In addition to printing attractive tab/notation charts and playing music, this program has a light up tablature, notation and guitar neck screen.  The songs may be played back on this screen  for learning at any speed, or one note or chord at a time in either direction, controlled by the computer keyboard.  A segment of any size may also be looped at any speed to facilitate learning. 

    The program is also a full-blown multitrack recorder with hundreds of other features for making a personal computer serve as a complete recording studio, including creating your own CD's or MP3's from the program.

    To view a sample display screen, click here. You will have to purchase POWER TRAX PRO AUDIO from for $29.95 to make use of the .SEQ file.  The program is an extremely powerful and complete recording program.  The chart reading feature used here is only  several of hundreds of recording features.  Although my material will run in Power Trax, I'm not affiliated with the company, so you'll need to acquire the program from their website, the link noted abovePower Trax is for PC users only, but you don't need it to access the printing viewing and playback features on your Mac or PC!

    ...Or Without!

    All you need is your Mac or PC to print charts, hear midi's on your media player or sequencer and view charts on your computer!



    These CD's have files for hearing, reading and printing music on a PC or Mac.  Special options are available with purchase of POWER TRAX PRO AUDIO aviailable to PC users as a download for $29.95 from PG MUSIC, but not necessary to use these CD's.


    BUILD YOUR OWN SONGBOOK!! CUSTOM SOLO FINGERSTYLE JAZZ ARRANGEMENTS at $1.50 per title! (Minimum order of 4 songs, please!)

    Variations on these may be heard on my Audio pages

    Select any four or more for each album from the titles below, or your choice of another tune, if you have a lead sheet you can forward. These arrangements generally make use of more of the guitar neck, and deal less with open strings and positions below the fifth fret - they are of professional quality, and may be performed as written or embellished in numerous ways to suit the user.  Many feature simultaneous walking bass, chords and melody! However, the demand on the player is not excessive.  If you know how to make barre chords, you can do these. They are harder to come up with than to learn how to play!

    Other titles are available, so if you don't see the song you want, ask! The Songbook CDR's  include chord notation and tablature with  interesting jazz reharmonizations in easy-to-read charts in addition to midi files.  Jazz and Standard arrangments include improvised choruses and "minus one" tracks for study or performance in addition to the melody arrangement.  These are of professional quality, designed to sound complete, like an arrangement for piano, without excessive demands on the players' abilities.  Of course, they may be opened on a PC as a .SEQ file in Power Trax for more in-depth analysis (scrolling light-up guitar fingerboard and tab/notation, etc.) if you own or buy the program (about $29.95)

    To view a sample score, Click Here               To hear a sample midi, Click Here

      $1.50 per title, minimum 4 ($5.99).  plus shipping & handling. rates below.

    Shipping & handling rates,  U.S.  -  $0-9.99 purchase, add  $3.00      $10-99.99 purchase add  $4.00    $100-199.99- purchase  add  $5.00 
     $200 purchase & up  add $6.00 

    Presently available:  

    These songs are available as of May 1, 2002.  Order as many as you like (minimum 4) and they will be shipped to your specified address after you receive a confirmation email.

     Payment is through PAYPAL, and all major credit cards or checking account debits are accepted.  Or, you can contact me via email to order directly by check or  money order.  These songs also include charts and midi recordings of improvised choruses for study or performance.  Most titles also include a 'minus one' midi recording for practice or study.

    Effective April 29, 2002:



    Please do this only ONCE on each order. An extra $1.50 will be added to cover the cost of shipping in a protective case for your CDR.  Normal shipping and handling charges are calculated  and added automatically to your order.


    All The Things You Are  A3

    Body and Soul  B5


    Manha de Carnival  M1


    Straight, No Chaser  S14


    Have You Met Miss Jones  H1


    Five Hundred Miles High  F1


    Stella By Starlight  S10


    Donna Lee  D5


    Epistrophy  E2

    Shadow of Your Smile  S4


    Here's That Rainy Day  H3

    You Stepped Out of a Dream  Y5

    Just Friends  J6


    Giant Steps  G2


    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy  M3


    Over the Rainbow  O6


    Well, You Needn't  W3


    Autumn Leaves   A6

    Airegin  A2


    Confirmation  C4


    What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life  W5

    Wave  W2

    Tenderly  T2


    Girl From Ipanema  G3


    Blue In Green  B3

    Polkadots and Moonbeams  P2

    There Is No Greater Love  T3

    Solar  S5

    Dolphin Dance  D4

    Countdown  C5

    Bluesette  B4

    Gloria's Step  G4

    Goodbye Porkpie Hat  G7

    In Your Own Sweet Way  I8

    Nefertiti  N1

    Blue Bossa  B2

    Misty  M4

    Satin Doll  S1

    Invitation I9


    Ju-ju  J4

    Like Someone in Love  L3

    Moment's Notice  M9  


    Don't forget to add $1.50  to any order going outside the U.S.A. for a protective case for your CDR 
    (and the extra postage it requires)  by clicking the button at the top of the Songlist!  We've had shipping damage on international orders, and this is the best way to keep prices low as possible and still ensure that your order arrives undamaged!  Of course, I'll ship any order with a protective/storage case.  If you want one, too - just click on the button and it will be packaged that way automatically.  Clif 

    TThanks for all your inquiries!  I have had a lot of requests for tunes on the list below, and I'm working as fast as I can to make them available.  Since I want to continue to offer improvised passages with both midi and printing and viewing files and the Minus One midis, it takes a bit more time for each selection.  Thanks a million for your support and all that positive feedback!!  -Clif Kuplen, March 22, 2002

    watch here for more songs -

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1. CHRISTMAS SONGS - Designed for players of intermediate to advanced skill -      beautiful harmonies, bass and easy fingerings!  Click here to see a sample score.

       $5.99  plus $3.00 shipping & handling  

    Seven titles are included on this CD: 

    Oh, Come All Ye Faithful

    Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Click to hear midi file of this arrangement!

    It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

    Joy To the World

    Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem

    Oh, Holy Night

    Silent Night


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2. PATRIOTIC SONGS - A source of comfort to many  in these terrible times - Songs of patriotism and        spirit.  Improvised choruses included!

         $5.99  plus $3.00 shipping & handling 

The five titles shown below are included on this CD - In addition to the 'head' of the song, there are also charts and midi recordings of a chorus of improvisation and some 'minus one' midi recordings for practice.

   Amazing Grace

   America The Beautiful  Click to hear midi file of this arrangement!

   God Bless America

   Star Spangled Banner

    Battle Hymn of the Republic


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Jazz Guitar Masterclass on CD!
         $ 29.95, Shipping Included!
                             USA and Overseas!


                            View Sample Page !    CLICK HERE

Hundreds of pages, illustrations and midi.  Voicings and Inversions, Chord Substitution, Reharmonization, Linear Development, How To Improvise, Motific development for bebop improvisation, Scales and drop voicings for the entire guitar, pick or fingerstyle.

This is a miniature website that opens on PC or Mac on or offline. The CDR  includes three main sites and a supplemental site with navigational links to cross referenced material.  All notation includes chord symbols, standard notation with tab underneath.  The notation examples and many of the multicolor fretboard illustrations will play the illustrated example on your computer's soundcard in midi.

The pages include a  Main Page, which contains mainly theoretical material beginning with the major scale, its derived chords, their voicings and inversions, these in chord scales, all with played notational examples.  This continues through altered scales, and their application singly and in combination  to typical jazz chord progressions. What scales, what chords, in any key and any position.

The second page, is entitled How to Improvise, and contains specific instructions on development of linear facility and developing a 'jazz sound'  through development of motifs.  

These begin with lines and phrases to play over major sounds, then over minor sounds and an extensive collection of altered seventh  bop motivic phrases, both linear and fingerstyle plus linear (you can play just the top line, as these are rendered in bop phrasing at varying tempos) covering all common chord progressions in all positions on guitar.  This page is linked to the main page for purposes of cross reference.

the third page is a 'wired' version of my treatise On Chords Scales and Progressions available here at the site.  This one is linked to the other pages wherever I though a particular  example from the other pages would be helpful  or a little more specific information would be desired.

Finally, a short essay reflecting on some of the things that have been helpful in my musical journey.

Here's a small excerpt from a page with some graphic and sound excerpts from the CD.  CLICK HERE

Everything is viewable and printable - there are about 500 illustrations and midi files, and the printed size is well over a hundred pages - this is designed to be a reference and ongoing study for years.  


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More Songs (These are coming soon!)

The list here is for songs that I know already and can render as a solo fingerstyle  arrangement if needed.  If you have another song, forward a lead sheet that includes melody and chord changes, and I can create a custom arrangement for fingerstyle guitar.  Please acknowledge that you already own a lead sheet or recording of this song, or that you already know the melody.

A Foggy Day in London Town  A1

Airegin  A2 Available!  See Above

All The Things You Are  A3 Available!  See Above

April In Paris   A4

As Time Goes By   A5

Autumn Leaves   A6  Available!  See Above                   

All of Me  A7

Birth Of The Blues  B1

Blue Bossa  B2  Available!  See Above

Blue In Green  B3  Available!  See Above

Bluesette  B4  Available!  See Above

Body and Soul  B5  Available!  See Above

But Beautiful  B6

Call Me  C1

Cherokee  C2

The Christmas Song   C3

Confirmation  C4  Available!  See Above

Countdown  C5  Available!  See Above

Days of Wine & Roses  D1

Darn That Dream  D2

Dixie  D3

Dolphin Dance  D4 Available!  See Above

Donna Lee  D5 Available!  See Above

Down By The Riverside  D6

The Duke  D7

Easy Living  E1

Epistrophy E2 Available!  See Above

Five Hundred Miles High  F1  Available!  See Above

Fly Me To The Moon  F2

Freight Train  F3

Georgia On My Mind  G1

Giant Steps  G2  Available!  See Above

Girl From Ipanema  G3  Available!  See Above

Gloria's Step  G4  Available!  See Above

God Bless the Child  G5

Goin' Out Of My Head  G6

Goodbye Porkpie Hat  G7  Available!  See Above

Greensleeves  G8

Have You Met Miss Jones  H1  Available!  See Above

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  H2

Here's That Rainy Day  H3  Available!  See Above

How High the Moon  H4

How Insensative  H5

I Can't Get Started  I1

I Left My Heart In San Francisco  I2

I Love You Just the Way You Are  I3

I'll Be Home For Christmas   I4

I'll Remember April  I5

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You  I6

I'm In the Mood For Love  I7

In Your Own Sweet Way  I8  Available!  See Above

Invitation I9  Available!  See Above

I Remember Clifford  I10

I Wish You Love  I11

John Brown's Body  J1

Jordu  J2

Joy Spring  J3

Ju-ju  J4 Available!  See Above

Just A Closer Walk With Thee  J5

Just Friends  J6  Available!  See Above

Just Squeeze Me  J7

Lazy Bird   L1

Let It Be Me   L2

Like Someone in Love  L3 Available!  See Above

Li'l Darlin'  L4

Londonderry Air (Oh, Danny Boy)  L5

Love For Sale  L6

Lush Life  L7

Manha de Carnival  M1 Available!  See Above

Meditation  M2

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy  M3 Available!  See Above

Misty  M4   Available!  See Above

Moose the Mooche  M5

Moonlight In Vermont  M6

My Funny Valentine  M7

My Old Flame  M8

Moment's Notice  M9  Available!  See Above

Nefertiti  N1 Available!  See Above

New York, New York  N2

Night and Day  N3

Night Train  N4

Nostalgia in Times Square  N5

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever  O1

Once I Loved  O2

On Green Dolphin St.  O3

One Note Samba  O4

Out of Nowhere  O5

Over the Rainbow  O6 Available!  See Above

Pensativa  P1

Polka Dots and Moonbeams  P2 Available!  See Above

Prince Of Darkness  P3

'Round Midnight   R1

Satin Doll  S1  Available!  See Above

Scrapple from the Apple  S2

Secret Love   S3

Shadow of Your Smile  S4 Available!  See Above

Solar  S5 Available!  See Above

Someday My Prince Will Come  S6

Song For My Father  S7

Sophisticated Lady  S8

So What  S9

Stella By Starlight  S10  Available!  See Above

Summertime  S11

Sunny (the other one)  S12

Sweet Georgia Brown  S13

Straight, No Chaser  S14  Available!  See Above

Take the 'A' Train  T1

Tenderly  T2  Available!  See Above

There Is No Greater Love  T3  Available!  See Above

There Will Never Be Another You  T4

Time Remembered  T5

Triste  T6

Tuxedo Junction  T7

Up A Lazy River  U1

Watch What Happens   W1

Wave  W2  Available!  See Above

Well, You Needn't  W3  Available!  See Above

We'll Be Together Again  W4

What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life  W5  Available!  See Above

What's New  W6

When Sunny Gets Blue  W7

White Christmas  W8

Yesterday  Y1

Yesterdays  Y2

You Are the Sunshine of My Life Y3

You Go To My Head  Y4

You Stepped Out of a Dream  Y5  Available!  See Above

You Took Advantage of  Me  Y6

The rest are coming soon - if you need something right away, email me - it's probably available - Clif

Note: by ordering, you acknowledge that you are already in possession of the sheet music, or a musical performance of this song.  I am only offering the service of musical arrangement of songs for solo fingerstyle guitar, plus educational material that permits the consumer to gain a better insight into methods of improvising music.