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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar with Clif Kuplen

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Hello and welcome to my new ANGELFIRE index page. I'm transferring some of my old pages to this location, and redesigning my website at the same time. I have some new songs in Real Audio, and some new teaching aids for sale, along with my Hand Made solo fingerstyle CD's. There will be hyperlinks appearing here to move you to the other pages as I build them.


We're going to be under construction for a while, so please be patient. Here's a link to my AOL homepage:

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And here's a link to my Theory page, "ON SCALES , CHORDS AND PROGRESSIONS"

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There'll be more coming, as soon as I get it built and sent up to FTP. Thanks for your attention. You can still email me with any input:




Here's an MP-3 I just didHe

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Thanks! Clif Kuplen