Unreleased Tracks

Track listing

1 Return of the rat
2 Aneurysm
3 Even in his youth
4 Marigold
5 D7
6 Curmudgeon
7 Gallons of Rubbing alcohol
    flow through the strip
8 I hate myself and I want to die
9 Here she comes now
10 Oh, the guilt
11 Do you love me
12 Moist Vagina
13 Sappy
14 Spank thru
15 Pay to play
16 Endless Nameless

  • Studios tracks
  • Note

    Forget the ethics of pirate releases for a moment. Basically this contains every studio track (except "Been A Son" from the "Blew" EP, the version on "Incesticide" is the radio session version for some reason) from B-sides and compilations and is a nice compilation to add to your small pile of Nirvana officiel releases. It's a real pity that Geffen can't issue a mid-price collection like this.

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    Note: 5/5
    Matrice: VAR 01
    Source: CD original (100 Frs)