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7th Grade Poetry (horrible... just horrible)

CINQUAIN Winged ones Dragons Mythical creatures, That burn things, To toast Monsters Sportsmen Hunters Shoot at deer Blast them to smithereens Fry up their meat and then eat them Yummy HAIKU The monkey slips from The branch and then it Gets smashed on the ground The manatee swims The propellers whirl toward Itís exposed back LIGHT VERSE The Warped Version Old Mother Hubbard, Went to the cupboard, To fetch her lion a steak, But when she was there, The cupboard was bare, So the lion ate her instead. Revolution All was well in Mother Goose land, But the citizens revolted. They took refuge in King Colesís castle. Mother Goose raised an army And attacked the castle. Soldiers climbed the walls. But Humpty Dumpty fell on them. Jack threw flaming candles and torches. Jack and Jill spilled buckets of boiling water on the soldiers. The battle was won.