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Cowboy Bebop Music Videos by Valentina
Welcome to my absolutely new site entirely devoted to COWBOY BEBOP, the best anime ever made! Here you'll find music videos with footage from the original series and the movie, Knocking On Heaven's Door! Hope you'll enjoy this journey through a universe without rules, without bars, without limits!!!!
Tequila Sunrise
Poor Faye
Size: 4.71 Mbs
Song: Tequila Sunrise
Artist: Eagles
Spoiler Alert! I made this video a thousand times, and still I wasn't satisfied! There are hours of work in this one, and I hope it'll be up to that marvellous song!
Size: 8.15 Mbs
Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Artist: Nirvana
My masterpiece! I made it a thousand times, until I had the right effect, between the music and the scenes: please watch it!
Size: 5.89 Mbs
Song: My Funny Valentine / Poor Faye - Lip Cream
Artist: Billie Holiday / Seatbelts
Major Spoilers! As Faye Valentine is my favourite character, I tried to make a "perfect" video all devoted to her: I hope you'll like it as I do!
I'm on my way...
Witchy Woman
Lemon Tree
Size: 4.64 Mbs
Song: Witchy Woman
Artist: Eagles
This was a sort of funny game! I deleted two strophes, and I made almost all the video for the music, all those  beautiful country chords!
Size: 5.87
Song: On My Way
Artist: The Proclameirs
No Spoilers! I made a version with major spoilers too, but I prefer this one: I hope you'll like it!
Size: 5.20 Mbs
Song: Lemon Tree
Artist: Fools' Garden
No Spoilers! Another funny video! I hope you'll like it, it's both serious and hilarious!
With Or Without You
Size: 6.60 Mbs
Song: Hallelujah
Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Spoiler Alert! I made this video a thousand times too! The words are beautiful, the music is marvellous (after all, the song is by Leonard Cohen!), and I was never satisfied! In this version I tried to match the lyrics to the scenes, without forgetting the mood of the song.
Size: 7.96 Mbs
Song: With Or Without You
Artist: U2
Spoiler Alert! Actually, if you have not seen the series, you can't understand some references in these videos: I highly suggest you to see ALL the episodes before download this video!
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