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Hey, How'd you like that little pop-up box???? OK, ok, nobody likes pop-ups ... but it was fun anyway [AND EASY].

<script language="JavaScript">
alert ("Lookie Here!!! My first Pop-Up Box!!!");

A Simple Program:
1) I created, compiled it
2) HelloWorld.class was created
3) Now I want to access this webpage, with this java code from the Internet
4) This page is written in HTML, and JavaScript (the pop-up box)
5) Below my pop-up code, I included the "applet"

Here is the output of my program:

1) Why is the output so ugly (in AOL and IE)... grey box, bottom aligned text (gotta learn how to format the java text output)
2) My applet code had width=150 and height=25 ... let's delete that ... No, bad idea
3) Let's try 50, 10 ...nope, teeny tiny
4) I tried some other combos ... I guess 150, 25 is best??
5) Gotta work on this!

Lake Applet Author: (

Rainbow Text Author: Glenn Richard

My Java Journal Last Updated: December 5, 2002