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My page about Bun Yom's book Tomorrow I'm Dead

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Memoir of my life in Cambodia during the reign of the Khmer Rouge


Thank you for coming to see my book, Tomorrow I'm Dead. I am now writing book number two, Welcome To America. Thank you to all my friends and neighbors for telling me they can't put my book down until they read it all the way through. You can order a signed copy on my website:

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A MESSAGE FROM BUN YOM (from the book)

I wrote this book to remind all people about the Cambodian kids who disappeared from 1975-1983.

When I was fourteen years old I had my freedom and my family. A year later the Khmer Rouge took over and changed my life forever. I was taken from my parents and forced to work as a slave in the killing fields. Most of the young people of Western Cambodia died in those fields.

This book is for anyone who might benefit from learning about the hard life so many Cambodian people tried to endure. I hope by reading my story of survival, they can learn to appreciate their own lives.

I want kids to know that when I became a Freedom Soldier it didn't matter whether there was fighting or not, food or not, sleep or not, rain or not; I always tried to go help people get away from starvation and suffering.

I want kids everywhere to understand that war is a terrible thing. I fought in a war for five years--with bombs, mines and bullets every day, never knowing when I would die. I slept in jungles and fields with dead bodies. I saw too many people suffer because of young soldiers with guns and bombs. War is a terrible thing.

To all kids, stay in school. Listen to good people who can give you guidance. Learn to be strong and to trust yourself. Always do the right thing for yourself and for others.

Today our world is a small place. All corners of this earth have human beings who are trying to survive. It is important that kids learn about these people too. To all people, everywhere; try to help out in any way you can. That is why you are here.

I arrived in the U.S. with not one penny, not a word of English, and only the clothes I was wearing. By working hard, I now have my own home, a family, my own restaurant, and many good friends.

It took twenty years before I was ready to write about my years in the killing fields. Now, for the sake of all kids everywhere, it is time to share my story.

Hang in there. Do the right thing and don't ever give up.

Thanks for your support.

Bun Yom

After three years as a killing field slave, seventeen-year-old Bun Yom escaped from the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields and became a "Freedom Fighter." Using his wisdom, courage and unprecedented compassion, Bun rescued thousands of Cambodian people and soon became the Cambodian Freedom army's greatest soldier. This is his story.

Tomorrow I'm Dead is the only known first-person account of the Freedom Fighter's heroic liberation of slaves from the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields.

A testament to the insanity of the human condition, and the ability of one courageous soul to make a difference. ~ Bill Chandler

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