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     Stallion Page
- Here is a link to my work.  Erin Lea is a horse farm specializing in Dressage and Eventing.  The owner does boarding and training. 
- Here is a link to a PMU foal adoption site.  (Pregnant Mare Urine foals)  It's a heartbreaking story, so let's adopt some foals and save them from slaughter!

- Here is a link to the NC State Veterinary School page.  Includes all the information on what you need in going to vet school.
- This is a link to something I have participated in.  The Bureau of Land Management has wild Mustangs for adoption! They are wonderful horses and training a horse yourself is a very rewarding experience.
- This is a link to a Friesian farm that does what I want to do in the future.  My goal is to breed Friesians and crosses, so this site is interesting.
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