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Ronda Hulon's Page
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Stallion Page

foal        Welcome to my page! Here is a little bit about myself...

        I am currently a student at Central Carolina Community College in Sanford, NC.  Next year I will begin the Veterinary Technology program.  In the past, I have attended Fayetteville Technical Community College and Elon University.  

        I work at a horse farm in Sanford, NC called Erin Lea Farm.  Now, I live in Godwin, NC but should be moving to Sanford in a few weeks.  Buying a house is a long process.

    As for my interests, animals are my main interest.  My plans for the future are to own a veterinary practice and also manage a horse breeding farm.  My future plan is to breed and sell Friesian crosses.  Things change, so we shall see what happens down the road.

Here is a table of my current courses at CCCC:

ENG 114:  Professional Research and Reporting 10-10:50am
Ty Stumpf

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