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Sountrack Credits

Fans are always coming up to me asking what particular movies or tv shows my music has appeared in. I generally get embarrassed and can never think of the more interesting shows, so here is a small list of some of my favorites. Some of them I orchestrated or composed some of the music for, and with those projects I feel quite a deep level of involvement. On others, I might have just been a hired musician, but the film itself really impressed me. These are in no particular order, and most- if not all- are available on video. My most recent project, for which I was the sole composer, is a documentary called "SOUL OF AN EMPIRE". It just concluded a run at the AMC megaplex theater in New York's Times Square. Check the rest of these out, but don't listen too much for the music- that's not what it's there for!......and I just found out that some of my music was used in "Nowhere In Africa," the film that won this year's (2003) Academy Award as Best Foreign Film! ---- Billy Novick

  • Music Of The Heart (with Meryl Streep)
  • Where The Heart Is (with Natalie Portman)
  • Opposite of Sex (with Christina Ricci- a very funny, irreverent black comedy)
  • Lone Star (a John Sayles movie)
  • Eight Men Out (a John Sayles movie- a great baseball movie)
  • Next Stop:Wonderland
  • A Walk On The Moon
  • Mr. Death (an Errol Morris film- very unusual and intense)
  • Secret Of Roan Inish (another Sayles movie- abeautiful child's fable, filmed in Ireland)
  • Antiques Roadshow (PBS- I play on the theme and the incidental music)
  • Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (a Disney film set in the 1930's..girl loves horse story)
  • On Promised Land (a Disney made for TV film)