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What the Critics Say About Billy Novick

  • "Novick is...concerned with getting to the heart of playing music."...N.Y. Times
  • "...riveting echoes or an earlier jazz era"...Washington Post
  • "Novick blows with a disciplined soulfulness that is sweet but never saccharin,and then he'll switch to a gut-deep wail that is striking but never strident."... Montreal Gazette
  • "(Novick's) playing was always tasteful and emotional, not a thoughtless passage to be had; each note a challenge to himself and the audience."...Ithaca Journal
  • "sincerity...elegance..a lovely celebration of tunefulness..."...Downbeat
  • "Novick's playing is winsome and convincing,,,his songs will make you kick up your heels as if you hadn't a care in the world."...Jacksonville Journal
  • " using '30's idioms to create music qith an emotional and intellectual appeal completely at home in the '90's." "...Worcester Telegram and Gazette
  • "Novick ...has proved to be a brilliant musician"...Birmingham (Alabama) News
  • "Novick had...instrumental facility that was welded to a personal tone with the warmth of New Orleans..." Manchester(England)Evening News

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