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Mike Ianieri's BIG BANG!
Welcome to the Mike Ianieri BIG BANG Homepage!

Here you'll find information about Mike Ianieri: Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Performer, Producer and Arranger of the incomparable BIG BANG project.

So what's BIG BANG? It's been described as Contemporary Jazz, and Modern Latin. We prefer the moniker of “High Energy Jazz Fusion, With a Twist of Latin

Filled to the brim with powerful Latin rhythms, incredible arrangements and brilliant solo work — by both Mike and a host of talented guest artists — the BIG BANG CD is an amazing accomplishment of music and awe-inspiring virtuosity.

  Mike Ianieri

Mike is a talented drummer, guitarist, percussionist, bassist, and keyboardist, as well as a gifted arranger and composer. He's contributed drums, guitar and percussion on several fine selections for the DBK Jazz label, as well as lending his considerable skills to many CD's including the jazz-fusion CD by the group "Random Access." He also performs with the Rich Amoroso Chamber Jazz Ensemble, Denis DiBlasio, his "BIG BANG" group- occasionally featuring his brother Johnny on drums, and his own jazz guitar trio.

In addition, Mike's abilities behind the board as a producer and engineer are fast becoming the stuff of legend in the Philadelphia region. At Eyeball Studios, the facility he owns and operates, Mike has recorded, mixed and/or produced many studio projects for the DBK label, as well as impressive independent offerings from Second Story, Edgardo Cintron, Riddem Nation, Mike Kwas, Atlantis, Under the Willow, Inspector 12, Don't Call Me Francis, Ms. Marshall, Random Access, Dreas Band, Mr. Madd, Pablo Batista, Matt Janda's Tongue and Groove, Ransomed Soul and many others.

Mike Ianieri Portrait

  CD Album Cover The BIG BANG CD

This incredible ten-song CD offers non-stop sensory overload; from the hard-hitting opening seconds of Big Bang! to the closing strains of September Seven Four, this CD is a totally engrossing listen. From pyrotechnic chops, to Latin polyrhythms, to soothing interludes, this CD has it all. Featuring Mike on just about every musical instrument he could lay his hands on, it also has an impressive roster of talented guest artists, including Denis DiBlasio, Randy Chick, Gerry DeLoach, Steve Hyde, Bob Wilson, Jason Long and Connie Ianieri.


Perhaps even more amazing was the BIG BANG concert event held August 30th, 1998. Along with a 12-piece orchestra featuring an impressive roster of musicians, Mike entertained the large, responsive crowd with a veritable storm of Latin Jazz sounds from the BIG BANG CD. Performing virtually flawless renditions of Mike's music with boundless energy, the group of hand-picked instrumentalists was as fun to watch as it was to listen to. Punctuated by incredible solos and unmatched musicianship, this was a show for "jazzers" and "non-jazzers" alike.

Soundcheck for Mike

  Big Bang Concert Event The BIG BANG "Live Orchestra" 1998(left to right)

Demetrious Pappas: Keyboards • Barry Sames: Keyboards • Randy Chick: Piano • Bob Wilson: Percussion • Tom Giacabetti: Guitars • Mike Ianieri: Drums • Steve Beskrone: Bass • Bob Farina: Percussion • Connie Ianieri: Voice/Percussion • Steve Hyde: Trumpet, Flugel • Jack Belz: Sax, Flute, Clarinet • Gerry DeLoach: Alto Sax, Flute

  Hear Mike Ianieri's BIG BANG

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  Mike Ianieri pic - outdoors Contact Mike Ianieri

Mike can be reached via email at: He welcomes your input, as well as requests for more information about the CD & upcoming performances, and inquiries from labels and booking agents.

CD Availability

The BIG BANG CD is currently available at, and via email.





Ivy at the Drums
Mike's Daughter Ivy at the Drums; Look at that grip!

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