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Brian Torrini's Homepage


Date Assignment Description
11/8/04 Information About Me Answer questions, change text and font
11/10/04 How to Log on to a Server Discribe n detail how to log on to the jaguar file sever
11/16/04 My schedule An artistic layout of my schedule using 10 different techniques
11/20/04 Directions  A written and created map of how to get from 35w to my house
 11/23/04 Practice grafic editing  A picure edited during class to show i was working
 11/29/04 Graphic editing  Change 10 things with the fireworks program
 11/30/04 Penn advertizment  Make an ad for penn tennis balls
 12/3/04 Mercedes advertizment Originals  An advetizment of a product i picked (Mercedes)
12/10/04 IMovie practice movie Add transitions, effects, and title screens.
12/17/04 Blood Drive Video Add transitions effects titles music and voiceovers.
12/20/04 Practice stickman walking Make the stickman walk then do something
1/04/05 button Make a button change and move throught the frames as it's clicked
1/05/05 cartoon make a cartoon with the flash program
1/12/05 Maze make a maze
1/13/05 biography page make an informitive page about the people computers and dates we learned in the video


CSI Computer tricks