Winona Ryder

Noni is the epitome of the "fresh face, vibrant personality" school of thought. Not to mention that she's a great actress and a lot of fun to watch. Some of her best (in my opinion) movies: Little Women, Heathers, Girl, Interrupted (the critics didn't rave, I know, but it was a difficult part and she pulled it off very well). What do you think of Winona? What are your favorite movies of hers? Sign the Guestbook!
The following is a composition I wrote for English class.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is the epitome of style and glamour. Her flair and talent for acting have gained the attention of the world. She has tackled numerous difficult roles, many of which have been critically acclaimed. Winona has established herself as a successful actress in Hollywood.

Winona Ryder brings zest and vibrancy into her acting; her excitement is felt in every word. Her pixie face and sophisticated style give her an approachable and sweet air. Winona's dark brown irises play a major part in many of her roles. The depth and sensitivity of those eyes bridge the gap between actress and audience, an obstacle that many other actors cannot conquer.

Winona's personality is as stunning as her pearly smile. She uses her celebrity status to bring awareness to international crises. She is active in many charities, especially those that benefit children. Other celebrities exploit charities to boost their popularity, but Winona Ryder gives freely from her heart.

I believe that Winona Ryder is a magnificent actress and a pleasure to watch. She is bright and original. Her characters are often uncannily real, although some people might disagree. Most of the films Winona has performed in were not blockbusters, and many times Ryder has been attacked by the critics. Despite this, I always look upon Winona's vitality and vigor.

Winona Ryder is a sparkling mixture of wit, originality, and performing ability. She's more than a gifted actress with a soulful face. She has a courageous and beautiful heart, and her presence will remain long after the teenybopper "actresses" [cough JLH cough] have grown old and gray. Who wouldn't admire such a vibrant and talented woman as Winona Ryder?

There is only one thing about Noni which I do not support 100%. She smokes. Smoking is extremely hazardous and can deteriorate one's health in more ways than one-hundred. Tobacco companies knew cigarettes cause cancer since the 1950's, but didn't admit it until the 1990's. Nearly 80% of regular smokers lit up their cigarettes before the legal age of 18. Every day, 6,000 teens smoke for the first time and 1,200 Americans die from tobacco-related diseases. Be smart -- don't light up.