Welcome to Sweden this summer Love!

Welcome to Sweden this summer, Love! Hi Love! It`s not too late yet for you to make up your mind about coming to Sweden this summer! Here in Varberg are lots of fun to do! Bathing, swimming, surfing, biking and a lot of other things that you`d discover. When grandpa Anders talked over the phone with your mother he told her that we would pay for the ticket when you`re coming here! Just send us a mail or a message on face-book! What did you do with your 100 dollars? The ones you got for your birthday. We`re quite curious about it, you know. When grandpa Anders and Cajsa visited Scottsdale this spring they heard that you`re a long, tall boy by now! This is wonderful! I would so like to see you IRL you know. It was hot in Arizona when they`re there. And I suppose it`s hotter still by now! Here it`s a medium pre-spring, wonderfully blossoming. Today about 20 degrees (plus) Celsius. When you`ve figured out what that is in Farenheit, maybe you think it a bit cold! And what`s up in Varberg? There`s talk of building a skateboard park. The summer season is slowly coming to life. Do you know about the Segways? They`re quite popular here and look very funny to ride. And the Kick-bikes? We`re planning to make an additional "home-page" for you, Love. With a lot of pictures and fun stuff. Watch out for this. Until then check the link belov with some nice pics from our visit in Phoenix ..and Scottsdale of course. Now, have a good time and hope to hear from you soon! Greeting from grandparents Gerd and Anders and your aunt Cajsa.

Photos from Scottsdale

Some photos from our visit in Scottsdale.

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