Some birthday greetings to our grandson Love Andersson in Arizona

Hi Here are some pics of our grandson Love (my stepson Mattias kid). He lives in Arizona US and is having his 14th birthday today Here are Love and me are celebrating tearing down the old shed and burning the rests. Thats when he lived with his mother in Sweden. There are fresh updates with new pics on pages 39 and 40. Pics that his mother "Trollmumle" gave to his great grandma Hidde.

In april 23 2013 We hope you`re having a great birthday. We know that you now are a tall boy and are doing well in school. Keep on with that good work. :) Me and auntie Cajsa went to Phoenix hoping to meet you in person april 9 -16 . But your mother apparently did not like that idea. She knew we were there for one week and wanted to see you and bring some birthday gifts. But she did not answer the phone. We managed at last to talk with her over the telephone and she told us what you wished for your birthday. An Iphone, a new computer ,money for schooltrips etc. She promised to meet us for a chat and a cup of coffe but she never showed up. But maybe we managed to get you a birthday gift anyhow. Ask Karen for that. We liked Scottsdale a lot and were there at Fashion square and Old town several times. Auntie Cajse found a new pair of Converse at Fashion square. Much cheeper than in Sweden:). By the way did how was the schooltrip to Washington. We wanted to pay for that but was refused by your mum. We found an old ohotoalbumn that your mum hage to your great great grandma Hidde. See pages 39 and 40 for new pictures. The day you feel ready to go and visit your father and the rest of your family in Sweden, there is a ticket waiting for you. And maybe we`ll come back some day to see you in Arizona. IsnŽt a nice pic of my cousin Sissela and her horses. We now live in Varberg ( Ask your mum. She knows where it is). Varberg has a very big Knightcastle, lots of beaches, lots of windsurfing and of course bathing. We hope youŽll come to se us soon. Your auntie Cajsa has finshed all her university degrees and is now bachelor of theology at the university of of Lund. She is now at her new job in Malmoe in south Sweden. Your dad Mattias is a very skilled kitesurfer and is designing boats. I still play a lot with the band touring around in Europe. If you like to see our pics from Phoenix and Scottsdale go to my facebookside or to my photo album on picasaweb. Just copy and paste this into your browser.

My dad Mattias

My daddys name is Mattias. Here we are doing something funny in the kitchen.


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