Banjofriends and other fun stuff

Jamsessions at Allinge Jazz festival Bornholm 2008 and 2009.
Together with Lothar Brendel of Sir Guschke band from Berlin Germany in 2009.
This was his last festival with his band. He knew that he had a terminal illness and sadly passed away 19. 2. 2010.
50 years of Swedish traditional jazz.Max Lagers stompers 30 year clashes in Allinge jazz festival with Second Line 20 years. The relationship is tight. Niklas father Lennart is the drummer in Max Lagers and Jespers father Ulf on piano is the founder of the band. Anders from Second line is making a duell with banjoplayer Anders Rylander.


Second Line 20 year. Max Lager 30 year. And we got a birthday cake from Allinge festival. But how about the swedish flag! Never mind it was delicious and vanished in the mouths of musicians and famlilies from the bands.

Nina Jensen

A nice talented girl playing banjo and singing in the real family band Jensens New Orleans serenaders. Dad Kurt plays saxophone and mum Nan plays the bass. Here on stage in Maribo.

Nina with Second line

Nina jamming with Second Line "Lil Liza Jane".

Cynthia Sayer is coming to Scandinavia this year!

See her homepage! That girl plays banjo just as well as she is sweet. And she is a smashing good player making me wonder why I started play banjo. But she and the bicycle (or some other bicyclist) are not friends. That ended with a broken collarbone!!!! year 2005. But she managed to do the tour with some help from friends. Hurray that is courage Cynthia! But look out while biking!!! And she is coming to Scandinavia this year 2009. In Norway at The Sildajazz august 7-8-9.

And Denmark in Oktober

See the Paul Harrisson band homepage for tourlist.

Sean Moyses

Another great banjochap. He has a new updated homepage. Lots of tip for banjoplayers and he also is the editor of "The banjo newsletter". Itīs free and a must for banjoplayers,
See his homepage here!

Eddie Davis hoosier and just as nice as he is as a fabulous banjoplayer. He always appcreciates a good laught.

Yours truly soloing at Cotton club Hamburg.

We, Second line, had a wonderful festival with our guest singer Lilian Boutté. What a girl!!

Jazz singer Lee Guness from Australia taking part at the Femoe jam session. What a joy!

The banjosection at the Femoe jazz festival jam. Two bacon and one Vega.

Somebody in England complained over non smiling jazzbands. Another complained over non smiling audiences. We smile and so do the people at Bradford on Avon. Always packed. What a crowd!

Gentleman Jim Mc Intosh sitting in with the band. He newer breaks strings except when I am watching!!!

Cissi from Spicy advice. She plays jazz rises kids and studies geology. Nearly at the same time!!!

Ever tried to play a banjo in wearing a rubber Stan Laurel mask. Ask Gentleman Jim Mc Intosh . Jonny Boston to the right experiences certain difficulties finding his chord. Try to get at his jazzparty at the Isle of Bute festival. !!

Ronald Andersen. Gifted guitarplayer from Denmark. We always have a good time with him.

Tomas Ornberg and Irene during a break at Holywood jazz festival in Belfast Northern Ireland

This is what happens when you play by your ears. Bent Person of Swedish jazz kings!
We did a concert with Antti Sarpila in Holywood. Nice break with Antti togehther with Jeppe, Niklas and Olof.
Christine Tyrell what a gal. Here she is teasing the audince at Queens hall during Keswick jazz festival.
Me with a young fan in Isle of Bute Scotland.
Niclas extending his ability as foottromboneplayer at Femoe jazz festival in Denmark
Swedish jazz kings at Holywood featuring Tom Spats Langham on banjo.
Per is taking an illegal break. Always keep an eye on the bassplayer!Bin or bum!!??? Nice views at Femoe.

Bosse Ericsson from Max Lagers Stompers. In good company isnīt he?


Second Line at Maribo jazz festival