Hommage to my jazzing dad 1917-2004

My dad Dag Wasén aged 86 passed away may 17 2004. On the 1 of june he was laid to rest after having been sent home in a jazz funeral. Both his old band Gunnar Hoffsten orchestra ( see pic´s below) from the 40ies and the 50ies and my band Second line played at the funeral.
Afterwards, at the memorial gathering, both band joined in in a jamsession , just as he would have liked.
I also fulfilled one of his wishes and put one of Second lines records "Papas in the icebox" with him in the coffin.

Dad was a jazzmusician for nearly 30 years.
He started playing guitar and the first band was formed in 1939. Here he is playing guitar with his own band in 1944

And here in the the white jackets for dinner gigs.

The quartet

The pianoplayer in the band the late Hans Overman nr 2 from right married my mothers sisters and he and dad became brothers in law.
I spent some time at hospital in my childhood and he sent me very funny typewrited letters on colored thin paper. I loved them.

The Hoffsten era

After some years with the band dad joined Gunnar Hoffsten band in late 1940:ies. In 1949 they won the bid jazzbandcontest at the legendary National dance palace in Stockholm. The bandstands was borrowed from the famous Seymor Östervall band.

On the road

The band toured the swedish folkparks and dancepalaces where I spent the summers of my childhood.
here they are on the road. Dad is wearing his grey coat and black hat.

My dad played with a.o delta Rythm boys and Josh White.
He retired in the late 1960:es and had then also jammed with the Chris Barber band. Here is his 70 birthday 1977 when the Gunnar Hoffsten band rejoined.
From left Gunnar Hoffsten, Dad Dag Wasén, Hans Fromholtz and Roland Hoffsten. They are still playing averaging 80 years of age now.

And I am not the only bandkid to go on i fathers footsteps.
Lousie Hoffsten daughter of Gunnar has earned her reputation as a good jazz-and bluessinger in Sweden. An she is really alike her father. Just check her father togehther with Louis Armstrong on page 21
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