My banjos then

Here were my banjos 2001. Left Lange Challenger 1928? (now sold).Peter Pedersen 1964(Denmark). Schnuur B&D Silverbell. Weymann Style85 1928?. No name banjo around 1928 Maybe a Majestic(sold). My sample banjo,Kel Kroydon neck, Liberty pot and Bacon resonator. On the wall no name uke and a Gretsch Clarophone uke. Se My banjobuddies,page 14, for current banjos.

And some about my banjos and banjoprojects.Kel Kroydon-Liberty-Bacon My Kel Kroydon-Liberty-Gold tone banjo, which were scrapped because I needed the head for my Silverbell, is back. A new head and some reconstruction.And a short 17 fret Gold tone neck. Find the Kel Kroydonpage. New pics coming! .


My other Schnuur Silverbell banjo see page 18 is perfect. Itīs is my current favourite with the Gibsom Bowtie Mastertone as back up. My restoration object the Silverbell now has a new fretboard and plays marvellous. I will also consider replating and repainting of the pot. The original Silverbell neck got a new from US. Grinding and correcting and yes!!! Find Bacon page!

See some Ukies

Senorita sold

Triple X

I have sold my old Ome triple X pot with a tonering similar to the Silverbell. It had Kel kroydon neck. And a modified resonator a mix between Vega and B&D Special with round hole flange.See the pics!

Gibson mastertone!!
It works perfekt. Lots of power and Gibson sound
See the pics!

Also about my danish banjo Peter B. It has been refitted with its original brass tone ring.See the pics!

Check also the newly added link to the banjo directory below. It has some interesting banjo sites.

Second line photo album