My latest project. Kel Kroydon-Liberty open back banjo

I found a Liberty rim on Ebay. Bought it from the late Paul Morrisey.

I had earlier bought two Kel Kroydon necks. I fitted one of them to the rim.Because of no dowelstick i had to put the neck on backwards on the rim where the tailpiece should be. Some homemade washers to get at tight fit to the rim. Red car paint on.

I like M.O.T.S fretboards.

Old and a bit rusty planetarys but functioning. Grover of course.

My neck adjuster. Weymann style.

The neck did not fit the rim and lacked support on the rim. So I copied the Weymann screw way of neck support and adjustment.


A four finger tailpice a clear head and that was all.
A nice snappy sound. This is now my wallhanger an practice banjo. Just take it down and play.
I still have another Kel Kroydon neck. I hope to find a Gibson rim for it in the future.

I also wanted ta have a resonator . A piece of plexi makes it the transparent banjo and improve the sound. I will adjust the distance between rim and resonator to get the best sound.