My banjo projects.

I have some projects going on. I have sold my Levin and my Lange Challenger. I now have my B&D Silverbelle #1 1923. Itīs a beauty. See it on page 22! I have also put new tuningpegs on my danish Peter B. After 35 years they were a bit worn out. Se more about it on page 18. The saddle of the Weymann has been repaired with a mixture of epoxy and mop dust. I have also straighthened the neck had had a little bend. I have made some bridges of 350 years old oak. Kel Kroydon Liberty is finished. My Silverbell"1 1927 awaits replating. It has a Senorita neck while awaiting full restoration of the original Silverbell neck.My no name banjo sold to my twin brother( he is learning). And I am still looking for a good pot to my my other Kel Kroyden neck. The picture is from my basement. Some interesting things waiting. And my wife say !!!?????%%.