My jazz and banjo Links

My Favorite Web sites

Banjoseen.Wonderful site with all banjos around the world
My other webpage about banjos etc.
Swedish banjodealer
Immo Winkler german banjobuilder.Builds very nice banjos.
For Ukies
George Formbys homepage
Richeliueu banjos
Listen to banjomusic and Trad jazz
My bands homepage
Jazz banjo magazine
Banjoluthier Vinnie Mondellos page.Lots about how to restore a banjo.
Banjo Hang out.Another brilliant banjo site
Sean Moyses homapage. Exellent for banjoplayers.
Phil Masons all stars
Looking for banjos on Ebay?
Another banjobuilder in Germany. Also very nice banjos.
Cynthia Sayers link .Must be se en if you like exellent banjo playedby ears.
Very useful info about banjos and parts.
The best jazzfestivals in SBest festivals in Sweden.Gothenburg and Kungshamn.
A very nice festival in Holland. Lots of young people there.
Swedish jazz site.Only in Swedish
Wonderful danish jazz festival on an island.
Another nice danish festival
One of biggest Jazzfestival in Denmark and itīs free!