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My banjos 2004. Top right Weymann style 85 (with prototype orchestra neck), top left B&D Silverbell "1 1923, right Kel Kroydon/Liberty(practicing banjo), left to right Karsten Schnoor Silverbell(2001) B&D Silverbell"1 1925 (now with new fretboard) and Danish Peter B Pedersen (1964). And Ukies, left Vega?? right Gretsch Clarophone (sold). I currently use the Silverbells on my gigs. Wich one depends on the venue. My oldest Silverbell works wery good in churchconserts. The new Silverbell is best in noisy venues.(It has a Gibson flat head tonering).

Now 2009 I still use the Schnoor Silverbell but with my partly restored Silverbell #1 and my Gibson Mastertone as spares. IŽll make a new total banjoheap asap. See my first banjos here