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Oscar Schindler

Who was Schindler?

   Oscar Schindler was born in 1908 and grew up to be a money-driven immoral man.  He joined the Nazi party in the 1930s - the "thing to do" of that time.  He exploited Jews as slaves in an enamelware factory after moving to Kraków in 1939.  But something happened to Schindler during World War Two.  He began to feel compassionate towards Jews and others whom Hitler's Final Solution vowed to remove from society.  Now he is considered as the saviour of 1,200 Jews after saving them from a nasty end in extermination camps. He was forced to flee Europe at the end of World War Two as, being a member of the Nazi party, he was considered a criminal and would have been otherwise executed. Schindler died in Frankfurt on the 9th of October, 1974, at an age of 66 from liver failure. He wanted to be buried in Jerusalem. As he said: "My children are here..."

Statistics from Schindler's List.

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