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Oscar Schindler

What previous events had occurred in order for Schindler to do what he did?

   450,000 Jewish people in occupied Warsaw had been forcibly relocated into the ghetto which enclosed 16 square blocks of the city. Plans were effected to support Hitler's Final Solution to the "Jewish question" which was extermination. Jewish people were being transported to labour/concentration/death camps
. As rumours of the Final Solution spread, people became aware of the intention of the Third Reich. Some people obviously preferred not to know and remain uninvolved, while others - like Schindler - were stirred to action. Schindler saw the opportunity here to gather the slave labour required to operate his enamelware factory; perhaps knowing that those employed would fare better than those in camps. Itzhak Stern - Schindler's accountant - was, in my opinion, very influential in consolidating Schindler's beliefs: he proved to be a goad, provoking Schindler to good works. Schindler's education enabled him to read the sinister intent in political documents/propaganda of the time. Previous experiences revealed Schindler's humanitarian stance.

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