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Oscar Schindler

   This Oscar Schindler has been described as a cynical, greedy exploiter of slave workers during the Second World War, a black-marketeer, gambler, member of the Nazi party eternally on the lookout for profit, alcoholic playboy and shameless womaniser of the worst sort.

   In the beginning of the 1960s, this same Oscar Schindler was honoured in Israel, declared "Righteous" and invited to plant a tree in The Avenue of the Righteous, in Jerusalem: a great honour. A memorial in the Park of Heroes praises him as the Saviour of more than 1,200 Jews!

   Who was this Oscar Schindler who started by earning millions of German marks through exploitation of slave workers and ended by spending his last pfennig and risking his life to save "his" 1,200 Schindler Jews from Hitler's death camps?


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