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Improvements I could have made

Possibilities for further investigation

1. Planning

Interesting subject
Good definitions of keywords
Relevant questions
Sources covered
Ethical procedures considered

Only just enough questions
Keywords not all relevant

More questions with a broader range of topics
More relevant keywords


2. Collecting and recording

Range of graphics used
Information relevant and detailed

Took quite a while
Maps don't have scales, however this convention seemed to not be very needed

Got onto it earlier - research took longer than was expected (I should have allowed more time for this)


3. Method of presentation

Suits my learning style
Easy to access
Interesting and informative

Hard to get to: not like a poster where you see it and are immediately drawn to it - you have to know it's there
Presentation not hugely creative

Make presentation more creative, e.g. have it more colourful etc. or have it with auditory properties to appeal to a wider range of learning styles


4. Conclusions

Answers questions Relates to achievement objectives

Went on a bit: it's quite long.


Finding out:
a) why a man who did so much good could and did end up in exile, and
b) how different groups' and individuals' beliefs and ideas affected their stance during Germany's Nazi regime.

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