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Well if you want to become a member just e-mail me telling me what you want your username and password to be.
  • Members get to see the full site.
  • I am sorry that I cannot have auto response yet. Each member will have their own login page. You will get a number like 'BoxCode 334'. And you will go to a login page and see a complete page full of login pages. Just scroll down to your BoxCode number, and log-in.

    If you are not already a member, please become one because you can have unlimited benefits!

    NOTE:DO NOT user your Neopets username and password because I will have acess to it. Make up a new username and password.

    The login near the top of the page is for the co-owner, which we do not have yet, So if you want to be co owner please have animation, blog, art, layouts, CSS, HTML, DHTML, and Background domonstrations that I may see. Just give me a sample of the HTML you are good at. Once I get a staff they will get their own BoxCode's too.

    Apple Pie