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The Prince & Me

Paige (played by Julia Stiles), a pre-med student from Wisconsin, is on the fast track toward her lifelong goals. Edward (Luke Mably), the Crown Prince of Denmark, is trying to escape a life he never chose. Needing an escape from his royal life, Edward treks to Wisconsin and poses as "Eddie," a college student. Now they've fallen in love and Edward is in line to become King. Paige has to choose between two dreams -- becoming a princess or the doctor she's always wanted to be.

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Read the facts below about the film, it's stars, and it's subjects!


Who plays Prince Edward? Luke Mably.

What country is Edward from? Denmark.

In the film, what does Prince Edward prefer to be called? Eddie.

Which actress plays the role of Paige? Julia Stiles.

What does Paige want to be when she is done with college? A doctor.

How did Prince Edward first meet Paige? His car almost hit her.

What university did Paige & Eddie attend? Wisconsin.

Why did Prince Edward's parents disapprove of Paige? She's a commoner.

The Queen calls Paige a "commoner". What is the opposite of a "commoner"? A Noblewoman.

Why was Paige upset with Eddie? Eddie lied to Paige.

If Edward asks Paige to marry him, how will they be described? Engaged.

If Paige was married to Prince Edward, what would her title be? Princess.

How does a commoner become a Princess? By Marrying A Prince.

If Paige marries Edward, and then he becomes King, what will Paige's title be? Queen.

What would you call the daughter of a Prince & Princess? A Princess.

What would you call the sone of a Prince & Princess? A Prince.

Where would a Princess typically get married? A Cathedral.

Where would you normally find a Princess living? A Palace.

What color uniform does Prince Edward wear while parading on the horse? Red.

How did Prince Edward take Paige to his palace? On horseback

How long does a king typically keep his title? For Life.

What is the proper way to address a Prince? Your Highness.

What wouldn't you expect to see a Princess wearing? Blue Jeans.

How many times do Paige & Eddie kiss in the movie trailer? Three Times.

What is the official language of Denmark? Dannish.

What is the capital of Denmark? Copenhagen.

Denmark is located between which two bodies of water? The Baltic & The North Seas.

Which of the following is part of Denmark? Greenland.

What two countries border Denmark? Sweden & Germany.

How many people live in Denmark? 5.3 Million.

What colors are on the flag of Denmark? Red & White.

Which of the following countries do not have a monarchy? Germany.

What was the name of a Shakespeare character, who was also a Prince of Denmark? Hamlet.

Which Julia Stiles film is not based on a Shakespeare play? Down To You.

What university does Julie Stiles attend in real life? Columbia.

What is Julia Stiles' college major in real life? English.

What organization has Julia Stiles volunteered with in real life? Habitat for Humanity.

What sport does Julia Stiles love to play in real life? Soccer.

Which film has Julie Stiles not appeared in? Whatever It Takes.

What film has Luke Mably previously appeared in? 28 Days.


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