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A site basically full of a load of boring stuff. Nothing original...maybe just the same as every other site you've ever visited, apart from the obvious- i.e. it's made by me, and created using some shitty Microsoft program as I don't give a shit about learning HTML, I have better things to do (yeah, right!).  By the way, this is an introduction, so I guess "Welcome" would be something good to say...I'm not actually going to write it again...fucking Hell, ok then "WELCOME".  There.  Done.

I guess I'll write a second prelude to what I'm going to do on this site: First of all everyone WILL get offended at some point, it's my sad, pathetic aim in life. Great. Secondly, under no circumstances will this site be slightly innovative, satirical or impressive- however, the grammar and spelling will almost be perfect (thanks to Microsoft)- so I guess you might as well leave now because the site sounds boring already....And oh yeah, the site will most likely be verbose.


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