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    Pastels are called paintings rather than drawings, for although no paint is used the colors are applied in masses rather than in lines. The artist may build up his or her colors without touching them once they are applied , or the artist may blend them by rubbing them in with the fingers or wi8th a stump.


  • Lay out forms in soft pastel .Use color which is easy to see but will blend into final colors of painting .
  • Add actual color for each section.
  • Add color in strokes, rub them in gently; if lines are unrubbed they'll remain visible through the other superimposed layers of pastel. Lines should be left only where lines are needed.
  • Go from light to dark. Do not over-rub or over-mix colors, the texture of the paper can only hold so much pastel.
  • When the painting is almost finished spray with workable fixative.
  • Materials

  • Pastels
  • Paper stomps
  • Kleenex