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    The art o technique of creating pictures or designs with solid materials on a board or something flat. "Mosaic is the one of the oldest decorative and pictorial arts and certainly one of the most durable".


  • The first step is choosing the glass you want to use to make the mosaic (any color or textures may be combined )
  • Cut a board of wood and paint it with gesso, an acrylic primer.
  • Draw the design that you want to make in the board with a pencil.
  • Cut the glass with a glass cutter depending the shape that you need for you design ( the glass has to be clean before you cut it so you don't dull the glass cutter ) .
  • Glue each glass piece in the board until you have got your design complete and let it dry.
  • Use tile grout to cover the holes between the glasses (with a knife spatula) and clean the mosaic with a sponge.
  • Let it dry.


  • A board of wood or ceramic
  • Acrylic paint ( white)
  • Glass (different colors)
  • Glass cutter
  • White glue
  • Tile grout
  • Knife spatula
  • Sponge.