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Adam in Korea

Well I finally started up a website. I will just use it to post the pictures that i will be talking about in my e-mails.

Our arrival to Korea. This is Doug and I showing up at Faiths place from the airport. We lived on the floor of this large apartment for our first 10 days or so here.

Here is the view outside of the apartment.

This is the entrance to Faith's apartment.

This is us playing hackey sack just outside the apartment. You can see the city consists of a lot trees and apartment buildings.

This is me in at the boarder of north korea. I am standing beside a South Korean ROK soldier.

On the right side of the flag is North Korea. On the left is South Korea.

Two shots of a North Korean Guard in front of thier main building. Pretty quality framing on the picture. I think I should send it to national geographic.

This is a bunch of us at Yoldong Park. The lake behind us is where you bungee jump into. The girl beside me is my korean teacher (Gena). Then renny, doug and omi.

A picture of 2 of the korean teachers I work with. Lucia and Mickey.

Doug, Kristine and Omi at our one room pad in Dokjokdo.

A picture of a neighbouring island. With the fog it looks like the island is floating above the water. I like this picture.

On the beach with a bottle of Soju. It doesn't get any better.

Pic. 1&2: Here is my first bungee jump experience

Pic 3: Here is Doug and I at the DMZ tour. Behind us is North Korea. You can see 'Propaganda City'.

This is Route 66 in Ittewan. Its like a guelph bar. Chris (bald guy) was on his cellphone. Everyone at the table pulled theirs out and started talking to each other as a joke. Its pretty common to be in a bar in Korea and half of them are on thier cellphones talking to someone else instead of the people beside them at the table.

This is on the balcony of the bar. Its a pretty good view of Ittewan.

This is Omi the cool british girl I met. Shes a pretty wild girl.

This is Ronald McDonald smoking....... if the children only knew.

Douglas's's's Webpage

Doug has a lot of cool Korea pics too