Events, Activities, Dinners, Mixers, and Parties in & about NYC
by 10 and Jewish Singles

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Small scale FUN events for Jewish singles
ages: 21-39, 40 & over, & all ages.
Meet NEW people & have some FUN!
Walks, Meet & Mingles, Happy Hours, Coffee & Conversations,
Dinners - kosher, vegetarian, other, Club Crawls, & ???

Join the MOVING PARTY for Jewish Singles in New York.
Dress is very casual. Bring an Umbrella & a smile if it looks like rain.

We are NEW. New faces. New places. New music.

These events are only for those JEWISH singles who are Jewish according to Jewish law!!!

MARCH 2014

dates will be on soon


Get out of the house!!
Meet NEW People!!!
Have some FUN!!!!

Details will go out 3 days before the
event after I check the weather forcast.
Bring an umbrella if you want.

Jazz & Blues
3 bands at 3 clubs.
$20 includes admission to all clubs.
You must buy 1 beverage at each club.
21 & over with ID.
RSVP a must for meeting details.
Monday 7:30pm 4 Jewish singles 50 & over

Lower East Side Art Walks
1pm $20 activity fee.
5-10 galleries in about 2 hours
RSVP a must for meeting details.
Sunday ages 50 & over
Sunday ages 30's & 40's
RSVP a must for meeting details.

You MUST RSVP for every event with date in subject & 1st name, age & gender.
or Cell 347-401-2470

21-35 e-mail
50 & over

Resend if you don't get a reply in 24 hours


last updated 2/20/2014

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