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My Brother


    My brow is Jayson, He was born Jan. 05 1990 sat at around four to five am. He is my youngest brother, were just two. My mom and dad were Kuripot.

He graduated Elementary at Angeles Elementary School were I graduated too. Then Hes a graduating student now at Holy Angel University again where I graduated, He told me that hes planning to enter college at Holy Angel University this coming semester hes planning to take Information Technology just like my first course.

He is a Karate do player too just like me again. But he is much good than me, he always got medals whenever we join tournaments. He is a Brown belter too just like me maybe if we dont stop maybe were black belted now.

My brother is a smart guy too. He is very jolly person but sometimes hes moody just like girl who has he period. But even though hes like that he will always be my baby brother. Hope he will finished his study.



                                                                                                                                     My Kyut Kafatid