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*Fall Out Boy Interview*

Interviewer: Joanne Vitale and I brought a friend for her first interview! Nikia!
Interviewee(s): Pete Wentz
Date: ???
Where: St. George, Utah

What is your name, position, and what's a random fact about you?
My name is Pete, and I really like doggystyle because I don't like people to look at my face while I am humping. And I forgot the last question.

An random fact about you?
I don't have any interesting facts about me.

How did Fall Out Boy get together?
You know, we have always kind of been together. We kind of came out of the air. It's kind of an eternal thing, you know? We never started and never ended.

Have you guys know each other for a while before the band formed?
I don't know. We don't know each other physically, well me and Patrick do.

Since you guys are from Chicago, what's the scene like?
Pretty good! Like in the suburbs there's a lot of kids. The scene is good. There's a lot of bands that come from Chicago.

How your first headlining tour going? Are you playing any songs off your new EP?
So far it's been pretty good. Yeah we are actually. We are playing one song off of it. We were playing two but we sucked at one of them.

Who are you looking forward to check out on Warped Tour?
My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, Early November

How did you guys hook up with Island Records?
I don't really know? We opened up this store with a sign that said we could write hit songs. Open all day, 24/7, 365 days a year. With Patrick behind this little hit making factory. And Island Records came in and ordered something. And we had to go do it.

Are you guys...
Sorry my brain is fried!!

What have you been doing?!?
We were in Vegas last night, it was awesome. We paid for Baysides tour manager to... we have these shorts with a broken heart on the ass... We paid for him to get a broken heart tattooed on his butt, like on on each cheek. We gambled a little bit.

Are you guys...
(Laughs) Our tour manager just fell on the stairs. Make sure to put that in the interview.

Can we look forward to another full lengeth? In about how long?
Yeah, you should look forward to it. About 70-80 minutes.

Actually, I meant in how long will it be out in?
I think it is coming out in January. To bring you guys a little warmth. Can I borrow your Sunglasses?

Nikia: Yes, you can.
I think I will be more at ease in these.

How did you guys get your name?
I don't really remember. I've answered the story so many freakin' times, I can't even remember. But I'll tell the story anyways. So we were swimming this one day in this man made lake and Patrick was swimming. The rest of us were all out and about. We did a round-about in the boat and it threw him out in the water. The fall broke his leg. He was drowning and I pulled him out. And had to do CPR. Just to let everyone know, it wasn't a gay thing. It was necessary to keep him breathing. We bandaged him up. That's how we got Fall Out Boy because the moral of the story is you can't put a bandage on a broken leg.

Never heard that version on it before.

what are a few of your influences?
Ummm... Jack Daniels, Jim Beam. I grew up with those guys real close. I feel they influenced me.

That's just wonderful! But musically?
I don't even know anymore. Everyone listens to diffent things. Like Patrick writes most of the music so he listens to differnt things than us.

What have you been listening to latley?
Underoath, Matchbook Romance, Taking Back Sunday...The Cure, stuff like that. I like your outfit. Did you make it?
Nikia. Thanks. Kinda.
You kinda look...
don't say Ashley Simpson!
That's what I was about to say! It's the hair cute more than anything!

Nikia: What do you think of The Killers?
They are awesome! Do you guys like The Higher?
Nikia: Don't mention them!
They are good for what they are. Just not my style.

What do you guys do in the van to keep busy?
Handjobs....Those kind of things.

Nikia: What's been your favorite gig on this tour so far?
Both of the Chain Reaction shows were off the hook. Bakesfield was insane! I passed out and it wasn't good; I broke my bass and stuff. I can't believe I broke my bass. I got so hot that I became delerious. I left the stage and threw up in our van. Before the encore, I told Bill, from The Acadamy, to tell everybody that i quit the band. And then I got a pair of booty shorts and wore them during the encore. It was the funniest thing, but no one else got it. But then the next day I thought that wasn't funny at all.

Pete: Hey Pete, how did your eyes get so pretty?
Well you know, its my mom and dad but I can't give them all the credit.

Nikia: What nationality are you?
You know I'm a mutt. I have everything in me. It's kinda like a buffet, a little samle of this, a little sample of that. Can you say that you asked the question about my eyes, and I didn't ask it? No, say I asked it. It will be funny.

What is your name, position, and what's a random fact about you?
My name is Pete, and I really like doggystyle because I don't like people to look at my face while I am humping. And I forgot the last question.

Your so called "tour journal" isn't really a tour journal... it's like the Pete drama journal.
It's the fucking drama club. "My life sucks, I'm in a band" Sounds like that, huh? Someone needs to spank me sometimes. Tell me that I am just a Bratty kid.
Are you writting to one person in paticular?
Uhhhhhhhhh...i write fiction, so it's all real. Everyone always thinks I am writting about girls, but I don't really know. Maybe some people will see on our next record, there's a homo-erotic feel. Listen, nobody's like fucking each other, making out with each other or even attracted to each other. But when you are around five dudes all the time, it's kinda like there. But no one wants to talk about it but it's there. Sometimes I think I'm writting to guys. I don't know, nevermind.

Nikia: Is it like all your used to?
I feel safe behind these glassees? The thing about the tour journal is that this expiernce should be documented. When things are shitty, I'll behonest about it; When things are good, I'll be honest about it. Who wants to hear that "oh yeah the show was awesome" everyday.

Nikia: Have you seen Farienhiet 911? What did you think about it?
I think it's awesome! I think it has the effect that the passion has. It preaches to the choir kind of.

Nikia: What do you think of Bush?
This is what I think about Bush. Just think about it. He's like a chode pretty much and shouldn't be the president. I am straight-edge and all but if I did drink, I would love to drink with him. He would get like smashed and try to bang a chick. He would probably do coke with you and shit. That would be awesome! But not a president. Nokia... You'r off the hook! I've got all the lines?

Nikia: Any more questions for yourself? Like the eye question?

Any Final Comments?
Go to our Website! I like Vegas!