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-=spellz n 0tha usefull itemz=-

here eye h0pe t0 share usefull spells chants and anything else that eye think w0uld be usefull in yer everyday life


yesh imma haveN pr0blems with the f0nt c0l0r... lemme kn0w if it.z t00 hard ta read

-=blessing for children=-

(light a candle... doesn't matta wha color.. if you want y0u can use the color tha corispondz with yer childs zodiac or just a scented one that is soothing t0 y0u b0th... it's entirely up t0 y0u)

_______(childs name) I want you t0 kn0w that y0u are special. Let this candle flame remind y0u that y0u p0sses and inner light. may that light within y0u always resp0nd t0 the light within 0thers. may that light within y0u always guide y0u al0ng the path 0f truth and g00dness. may that light within y0u always pr0vide y0u with h0pe and happiness.

-=blessed be=-

-=z0diac c0l0rs=-


TAURUS-green,pale blue,pink, mauve

GEMINI-yell0w, blue,lt. blue,0range

CANCER- white, silver,lt. blue

LE0-c0ld, yell0w,lt blue

VIRG0-yell0w, green, 0range, gray

LIBRA- r0se,blue,, white

SC0RPI0-red. blue,burgandy

SAGITTARIUS-purple, indig0,turqu0ise

CAPRIC0RN-black, br0wn, dk. green

AQUARIUS- blue green,metalic blue,white, purple

PISCES-f0am green, blue green, salm0n pink, red vi0let


*North-guardians of the north powers of earth, may my dearms bring me strength

*east- guardians of the east p0wers 0f air may i learn from my dreams tonight

*s0uth- guardiasn 0f the s0uth p0wers 0f fire may my dreams release my passi0n

*west- guardians 0f the west p0wers 0f water may i gain wisd0m fr0m my dreams t0night

great m0ther g0ddess, pr0vider 0f all life, lady 0f heaven and earth may y0u cradle me while i sleep t0night.

-=blessed be=-

-=usefull shyte=-

elementz h0me