Painless Self-Euthanization

Disclaimer: This webpage is designed solely for the purpose of offering the terminally ill a painless method of self-euthanization for those who live in a territory where physician-assisted suicide is legal. This website should NEVER be used for a method of suicide for someone suffering from depression. If suffering from depression, please look at this helpful free online support website: Should that website not be satisfying enough, there are numerous free online depression help websites that should be explored before any critical decisions are made. Suicide, for the purposes posted on this website, should only be attempted by those who are terminally ill and no longer enjoy everyday life. Even to the terminally ill, please consider your decision with family and friends before acting on this method of self-euthanization. The creator of this website is NOT accountable for any charges drawn against him should any one decide to end their life as a result of viewing this webpage. The webpage is only a reference as to how someone might end their life. I am in no way encouraging people to commit suicide, only offering the knowledge of how to peacefully end one's life if terminally ill.

The Steps to a Painless Self-Euthanization:

1. Read through the steps several times until you fully understand the procedures and exactly what you are doing. 2.Buy or find a clear, see-through plastic bag (not opaque) so that you and your loved ones can view eachother at death. 3.Buy a helium canister. There are numerous options. A 7 pound helium tank (such can be found at toy stores for filling balloons) will be more than enough gas to accomplish the task. 4.Attach 4' plastic tubing (5/16th inch inner diameter; 7/16th inch outer diameter) to the nozzle that releases the helium. 5.Situate yourself comfortably in a chair. Have a loved one fasten the canister to the chair. Tape or bungy cords work well. 6. Do not eat any food for sixteen hours prior to the self-euthanization. A light snack is exceptable about two hours before the passing. Eating increases the chances of vomitting so take some antacid beforehand. Only drink water if thirsty. 7.Relieve your bladder and bowels prior to the event. Then take an overdose of sleeping pills (to relax you before your passing). 8. Put on a particle mask. Use a Velcro rope to fasten the bag over your head with the plastic tube feeding inside. The Velcro neckband needs to be relatively tight so that the gas does not exit the bag and the tubing is held in place and does not fall out. 9. If you do not want the bag to get in your eyes and will find it bothersome, you can wear a baseball cap underneath the bag. 10. Once you have read through this numerous times, have studied the diagram to the right, and know exactly the procedures that need to be taken, you may set up this scenario, say your final goodbyes, and turn on the gas. You will pass peacefully in a matter of minutes. Some twitching may occur. 11. For further knowledge and instruction, read "Final Exit" and "Supplement to Final Exit." All information and diagrams for this webpage, was collected from "Supplement to Final Exit." Humphry, Derek. Supplement to Final Exit. Denver: Norris Lane Press and ERGO, 2001.