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Jonah- guitarJeremy- bassJessica-keysRex- voxRafael- drums
Vue are: Jonah Buffa (guitar), Jeremey Bringetto (bass), Jessica Graves (keyboard), Rex Shelverton (vocals), Rafael Orlin (drums)
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find your home

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"The band's live show is reputedly one of the most intense in indie circles, a hugely cathartic and brutally physical display. Vue's onstage antics have been compared to the kind of sweaty gutwrenching usually associated with posthardcore's best, most angst-ridden outfits."- Scott Harrell, Weekly Planet

Before there was Vue, there was Portraits of Past, a hardcore emo punk loud screaming sort of get-up that featured Rex and Jonah on guitar, Jeremy on bass, and a high school friend providing the main vocals. POP released a single and one full length album but began to feel creatively stifled in such a limited genre. After 3 1/2 years together, the band split. Rex explains "we broke up because we were getting defined as a certain kind of band."

Vue in 1997

Teaming up with drummer Jason Riddle and keyboardists Jessica Graves and Robert Peterson, the three former POP members formed the more rock 'n' roll oriented band The Audience. After signing to GSL, The Audience released their first single "Young Soul" in 1998. The Audience began to form a following in the San Fran area and eventually signed with Sub Pop Records. However, there was an unfortunate name conflict with the British band theaudience (one word) and so the band changed their name to Vue.

TThe current Vue lineuphe "Young Soul" 7 inch was deleted, but delays in releasing the first full-length provided time to expand the single into what became the Death of a Girl EP released in 1999. The following year the self-titled full length was released. Somewhere along the way, Robert was dismissed from the band and Rafael Orlin replaced Jason on the drums. With the final lineup complete (see picture to the right), Find Your Home made its debut in 2001.

For more info about the forming of Vue, check out this super great article written about them in the SF Weekly.