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1 Child for You
2 Hush Your Head
3 Death of a Girl
4 Young Soul
5 Voyeurs

1 White Traffic
2 Girl
3 The Shame
4 Nothing Left But You
5.Angel's Alright
6 We Were Here
7 Cotton Kisses
8 Her Moods
9 I'm Everybody's Funny
10 Talk to a Model
11 Madame Whore

1 Hitchhiking
2 Pictures of Me
3 Falling Through a Window
4 People on the Stairs
5 We've Already Got Our Minds Made Up for You
6 You Can Take Her Now
7 Do You Think of Him Still?
8 Mrs. Fletcher Blues
9 Child for You
10 Find Your Home


The Death of a Girl EP

Gold Standard Laboratories

Released on: 09/1999

Produced by: Davy Vain; Vue


Sub Pop Records

Released on: 02/22/2000

Produced by: Davy Vain; Phil Ek; Vue

Find Your Home

Sub Pop Records

Released on: 09/18/2001

Produced by: Davy Vain; Vue

Here are some sites on the web where you can get a sample of what The Vue sound like!


From their official site you can download the songs "Pictures of Me", "We've Already Got Our Minds Made Up For You", and "Falling Through a Window" from their new album Find Your Home.

STREAMING (organized by album name)

The Death of a Girl EP: cdnow, artistdirect , amazon (best quality)

Vue: cdnow, artistdirect (tracks 1-5), amazon (best quality)

Find Your Home: cdnow , artistdirect, amazon (best quality)

"Suicide" (off of Sopranos soundtrack)

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These sites having streaming video where you can see Vue perform in concert! -THE site for Vue concert footage. Excellent quality. This page also includes video of other San Fran bands (BRMC, etc)

Live at the Supersphere in Chicago

Live show at Brownie's in New York - Archived on Digital Club Network

South by Southwest Festival - Archived on's "pod" "pod" (note: correct title of song performed is "We've Already Got Our Minds Made Up For You"

Have you found streaming video of The Vue elsewhere on the web? Let me know!

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