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Playing with the Stones. From the Vue Newsletter.

Playing with the Rolling Stones was as cool as one could have imagined
it. It was my first time having seen them perform in any sort of venue
whatsoever - I never had the money to get a ticket. Then here we were,
some kids from California opening for the greatest rock band in history
in a 2,000 capacity club that felt smaller, if not taller, than the
The day came on slowly and felt like any other day, waking up early for
soundcheck, loading and testing our rental gear, changing strings.
- then they started to arrive - We watched them do a soundcheck
from twenty feet away with just a dozen crew people standing around.
It was incredible. I was covered in goosebumps by their music
and awestruck.
Afterwards I actually only met Keith and Charlie, but they were both
interested in our drum set and guitars.. one of their techs (Russ) as
really interested in my bass > we spoke at length about his experiences
working for the stones since 1994 and Ian Stuart (their old
keyboardist)back in the early seventies. He also worked for Faces and
the Small Faces and has known Rod and Ronny Wood all his life. He had
great stories about how Keith hates it when Mick plays guitar (a recent
development, as in the last two decades) and in order to prevent Keith
from walking over and turning Mick way down, they turn Mick's amp
upsidedown. This is so Keth can't get to the knobs.
That night their show was amazing, we were dancing right above them literally ..
at one point Keith raised his cigarette in salute
toward Jonah and I during a little number called Satisfaction'.
I could write volumes about their set but don't know where to start.
The venue was very uptight about cameras, but I got someone to snap a
picture of Jonah and I with Keith and other people too.. Apparently,
Mick Jagger loved our set and our music and was telling people on his
crew to check out our record. So I gave Russ (the tech I made friends
with) a copy of our new record "Down For Whatever", out Oct 8th on RCA.
Anyways, we love you guys. My hangover and the memories of yesterday
subsiding into a dull glow of contentment.

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