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Welcome to the Very Cliche Guild Website!

This site is still under construction >.<
So don't touch anything!

Before all else, I need to add a warning. Please, if you feel so inclined to visit the forums, do not join and do not post! They're under heavy constuction but if I disable them I can't see what I'm doing. Anything else is fine right now. >.<

Anyway, welcome! If you're here now you either know me personally or enjoy surfing random links. For you random link surfers: The guild this website is for doesn't even exist yet. Come back in a week or two :). For everyone else: Please email me if you see any errors, typos or code issues. Or if the colors burn your eyes. Thanks!
Questions or comments? Email me!

Guild Announcements!

This is the place future guild members will look for announcements from the Grand Master. Let's find out if he has any announcements.....

I think he's busy playing WoW. Big surprise there :p.