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Las Vegas Wedding


Kelly and Trevor met in residence of first year University at the University of Waterloo.  This is where they spent most of their time dating for the next eight months until a slight falling out  occurred.

A month later while both were on their first Co-op work terms

they reunited stronger than ever.  After a mere six months of this new found relationship Trevor was prepared to pop the big question.

At the time Kelly was on a Co-op term in Ottawa and Trevor had been making numerous trips to visit her on the weekends.  Valentine's day was approaching in nearly a month, so I began planning and preparations.

On Saturday February 9th, 2002 the next chapter of life began.  Saturday evening after a great dinner at Cafe Bon Choix, Kelly Gomes and I proceeded back to my house for the rest of our Valentine's celebrations.

When we arrived, Kelly was instructed to leave her coat on and to pack all of her things for over night.  She was surprised to say the least.  We then proceeded to walk downtown Waterloo, arriving at the corner of Erb and King, I tied a blindfold around her.  I became her guide, across the road, down the street through the doors of the Waterloo Hotel and up three large sets of stairs. 

When we arrived at the door, I removed her blindfold and asked her to look down.  I opened the door to the sound of romantic music flooding out, with a subtle light in the room.  When Kelly looked down she saw a trail of rose petals that she then began to follow...She came to a chair with a single long stem red rose on the chair.  I strategically positioned myself to block her view of the room. 

I then retied the blindfold on Kelly and told her to relax, listen to the music and wait.  After this I vanished for a few minutes returning in full suit with a box in one hand and a single piece of paper in the other.  I began to read what was on the paper, which was a poem I wrote for Kelly.  When the poem was finished and the tears had already started to flow from Kelly's beautiful eyes I asked this unsuspecting princess if she was ready to receive her Valentine's gift.  On her reply of a soft yes, I got on one knee and told her to remove the blindfold.  Upon opening her eyes she saw me in front of her holding this box, inside this box was the ring to signify our love. I then proceeded to ask her hand in marriage, she let out a faint tearful yes. 

After this I showed her the next surprise which was a video camera which captured the entire ritual on film for her to cherish forever.


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