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Las Vegas Wedding



Kelly's Family
Kelly's parents, Madalena and Luciano Gomes are originally from the Azores of Portugal, but now live in the small town of Bradford Ontario.
Kelly has one sister, Jenny, whom is her maid of honour.  Jenny is 20 years old and currently attending the University of Waterloo and has taken over Kelly's past role as the Sweetheart of the Sigma Chi fraternity that Trevor is a member of.  Kelly's brother, Andrew, whom is one of Trevor's groom's men is 15 and in his first year of high school.
Trevor's Family
Trevor's parents, Terri Mann (Lane) and Kenny Bloomfield grew up in Strathroy Ontario.  Terri currently lives with Trevor's step father Tim Mann in Aylmer Ontario.  Kenny unfortunately passed away in 1993.
Trevor has two brothers and one sister.  Trevor's older brother, Shawn Michael Ian Lane is now 28, his whereabouts are unknown.  Justin Joshua Robert Mann, Trevor's younger brother whom is one of Trevor's groom's men is 17 and living with Tim and Terri in Aylmer while attending high school in London.  Trevor's younger sister Jaclyn Britney Elizabeth Mann, is 15 whom is one of Kelly's bride's maids, and also living with Tim and Terri.  However Jaclyn is attending the same high school Trevor attended in Aylmer.

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