My Role-Playing Rules

1) Minimal Netspeak, please. It takes away from the rp. If it's OOC, I don't care...but none during roleplay.

2) Please try to distinguish between IC and OOC. It's easier this way.

3) Do not ask to be Vaniel's mate out of the blue. It's unpleasant and annoying.

4) You do not know Vaniel when you first meet him, unless I actually DO know you. So don't come up to me in full IC saying, "Hey, Van." If it's OOC chatter, I don't mind.

5) I don't have a "line-rule", so to speak, but I do require you to at least describe what's going on in some detail. Otherwise I just have to assume, and you may not like that.

6) Grammar. Please guys (and gals), use at least decent spelling and grammar. It's okay if you make a typo and such or if your grammar isn't perfect. I'm not one to ride your ass (snicker) for not putting a comma in the correct place. But if I can't understand even half of what you've posted, then we can't rp.

7) Fighting. Vaniel rarely fights. The reason for this is very simple...I have a hard time rp-ing a fight. I'm not good at it. Make love, not war.

8) Yiffing. Please don't ask me just randomly, especially if I don't even know you. I'm open to the whole yiffing factor, but roleplaying out (at least)something before yiffing is a must.

9) Twinks. Please, do not even fuck with me alright? I understand some people are new to Furcadia, and I won't hold that against them. But you people that go around thinking you're better than everyone else, annoying people to no end, spamming uncontrollably, and simply acting out because you're attention whores can just go elsewhere.

10) Whispers. I do not mind them, I am whisper friendly. If I do not answer you back right away, don't throw a damn fit, I might just be away. If so, I will get back to you when I return. If you're no longer online, then I will simply forget. DO NOT spam me shit through whisper.

Thanks for reading my rules. Please try to follow them, ok?