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To Book 21st Place:
    1.  Contact Adam Santiago of Pleasant Tone Records at or by phone at 414.282.9026

    2.  Please include:
            Your Full Name
            The Band/Venue you are representing
            Date/Time of the show

    3.  If you get no response within a day and a half call 911
        because Adam is dead... in either case then IM Zak
        Solkowski of 21st Place at twentyfirstzak.
    4.  If you still get no response give Robert Meyer of
        Pleasant Tone Records a ring at 414.405.1807.
    5.  If you still get no response, we probably don't really
        like you...sorry.

To contact 21st Place to talk:
    1.  Remember that each member is currently dating somebody
        else... Adam has Colleen, Zak has Caitlin, Bob has Kasia.

    Adam S.       AIM:  twentyfirstplace

    Zak S.        AIM:  twentyfirstzak

    Rob M.        AIM:  (Sorry...Bob has no AIM)
               E-mail:  (Sorry Ladies, no E-mail either)